118412.00 – STP Pedestrian Action Plan

City Project#: EN01036
TDOT Project#: 118412.00

Total Budget: $399,700 ($319,760 Federal Grant, $79,940 Local CIP)
Current Phase: Complete (06/26/15)

The Memphis Pedestrian and School Safety Action Plan is the product of a collaborative, data-driven planning process focused on prioritizing and delivering critical pedestrian infrastructure projects near public schools in Memphis. As they are implemented, these projects will serve students walking to and from school as well as residents accessing parks, libraries, community centers, transit stops, and other public resources often located near schools.

The plan describes conditions for walking in Memphis in 2015, explains the methodology used to identify pedestrian needs and prioritize sidewalk and crossing treatment investments, presents the resulting phased project list, and outlines a coordinated strategy for project implementation.

Download copies of the plan and its technical memos here in PDF format

Memphis Pedestrian and School Safety Action Plan (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)

Technical Memos
Shortest Path Analysis (PDF)
Pedestrian Suitability Index (PDF)
Pedestrian Counts (PDF)
Peer Cities Review (PDF)
School Survey Results (PDF)
Photo Inventory (PDF)
Pedestrian Crash Analysis (PDF)
Sidewalk Policy Review (PDF)
Project Prioritization & Development (PDF)