Event Bike Parking Program


In an effort to encourage more people to reach special events by bike, the City of Memphis offers ten event bike racks that can be borrowed for public or private special events at no cost. With each rack designed to hold at least seven bicycles, the City’s collection allows an event to provide proper parking for 70 or more bikes. The borrower is required to assume liability for the racks in the event of any damage, and is responsible for transporting the racks from and to the City’s storage location.

Benefits of Event Bike Parking:

  • Reduced demand for car parking.
  • Reduced number of bicycles locked to street poles, trees, fences, or on property owned by others.
  • Reduced number of bicycles being walked through crowded spaces, such as street festivals.
  • Encouragement of bicycling for transportation.

Points for Consideration:

  • Event organizers are recommended to provide bike parking capacity equal to a minimum of 2% of the total expected crowd attendance.
  • Bicycle parking should be located as close as feasible to the event’s main entrance, or within direct sight thereof.
  • If space on the event’s property does not adequately allow for bike parking, the event organizer may be able to obtain permission to temporarily use space on an adjacent public right-of-way (i.e. an on-street parking space, sidewalk, etc.). Please contact City of Memphis Traffic Engineering at 636-6710 for more information.