Overton Park Avenue 1It is current practice of the City of Memphis Division of Engineering to routinely evaluate roadways for the inclusion of bicycle lanes during construction and reconstruction of the roadways. Evaluation of a roadway’s characteristics in conjunction with the Memphis MPO’s Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan offer insight into what accommodations can be made upon an existing roadway to allow safer and more efficient travel by persons riding a bicycle. While the addition of new bicycle lanes often times have no impact on the existing roadway configuration, it is sometimes necessary to modify the availability of on-street parking in order to be compliant with city ordinance 11-24-9 which prohibits parking an automobile in (on top of) a bicycle lane.

These on-street parking modification guidelines establish criteria for on-street parking modifications related to new bicycle lane installation. These Parking Modification Guidelines will be triggered by routine maintenance if the segment proposed matches a segment in the Memphis MPO Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan or identified by the city Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager as a candidate for new bicycle lanes.

Download a copy of the Parking Modification Guidelines (PDF)