120075.00 – TAP Dunbar ES Safety

City Project#: EN01055
TDOT Project#: 120075.00


Total Budget: $125,000 ($100,000 Federal Grant, $25,000 Local CIP)
Current Phase: Preliminary Engineering – Environmental Phase (01/25/15)

These improvements are geared towards allowing safe access and crossing locations for pedestrians in the vicinity of Dunbar Elementary School. Improvements will include new sidewalks bordering and leading to the school on Select Avenue between Hamilton and David and on David between Select and Park. Additionally ADA accessible curb ramps, high-visibility crosswalks, and required regulatory/warning signs will also be installed. Safety features in the form of improved sidewalks, standard crosswalks, high visibility longitudinal crosswalks and accompanying signage will allow for higher visibility of the pedestrian and safer passage across roadways. A study conducted by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (UNC Chapel Hill) in 2012 identified Dunbar Elementary as one of six schools for needed infrastructure improvements related to child pedestrian accidents. The project scope addresses the safety concerns identified in that report.