120074.00 – TAP Central Library Ped Crossing

City Project#: EN01055
TDOT Project#: 120074.00


Total Budget: $98,200 ($78,560 Federal Grant, $19,640 Local CIP)
Current Phase: Construction (02/08/19)

UPDATE: As of June 3rd, 2019 the project is under construction. Completion is anticipated in three to four weeks, weather dependent.

These improvements are geared towards allowing safe access and crossing locations for those visiting the main library in Memphis with added emphasis on those utilizing public transportation. The nearest crosswalks to the transit stop are 680 feet to the west at Tillman Street and 900 feet to the east at Lafayette Street. MATA indicates there are potentially 150 crossings each day at this location of persons that unload and board MATA buses in order to access public services available at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. Currently, pedestrians must contend with crossing seven lanes of high-speed vehicular traffic in order to reach the other side, or walk a substantial distance along substandard sidewalks in order to reach the nearest signalized intersection. By creating a highly visible crossing, the City of Memphis will hope to better alert motorists of the presence of pedestrians that may be crossing the street and provide greater sense of protection for the same pedestrians.