Green Lanes LogoIn May 2013, Mayor Wharton announced plans to implement a network of Green Lanes as a part of the city’s commitment to the Green Lane Project, a program of People For Bikes focusing on building protected bicycle lanes in six U.S. cities, including Memphis.

The City installed its first protected bike lane along Overton Park Avenue, between Bellevue and Cleveland, in Fall 2013. Under this new design, key attention is placed on how cyclists and automobiles interact at intersections and driveways. Green paint alerts both motorists and cyclists of the likelihood of crossing each other at that location and special treatments are used to help automobiles and bicycles merge more safely at stoplights.

The City of Memphis is expected to have more than 22 miles of Green Lanes ready for use by 2016. Below you will find a map of these projects and a complete list of their locations.

GreenLaneClick here to download a PDF of this map.