Roadway Re-Striping Projects

IMG_2098Most of what the City of Memphis is able to accomplish towards adding new bicycle lanes is driven by its ongoing repaving operations. Each year, the city budgets money for repaving roadways along both commercial and residential frontages. This paving list is provided to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Program and checked against the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan to identify overlaps in roadways being repaved and routes recommended for bicycle improvements. From there, and if feasible within the scope of resurfacing/re-striping the roadway, the Bicycle & Pedestrian Program works with the traffic engineering department to develop revised striping plans which allow crews to add new capacity for bicycles when the roadway is repaved.

Because the Bicycle & Pedestrian Program does not dictate the order or preference by which roadways are selected for repaving, this can lead to a disconnected network of bicycle facilities. However, it is the easiest and most cost effective time to add new bicycle lanes or protected bicycle lanes since work is already occurring and there is no need for any additional budgetary considerations.

Repaving projects currently under review include the following (updated 02/09/16):