Since 2010, the landscape for riding a bicycle in Memphis has changed dramatically. What once was a unique experience for thrill-seekers and avid competitors has become a commonplace occurrence throughout the city. It’s not unusual now to see whole families riding bicycles together on their way to the local park, restaurant, or school. Each day, more people are taking advantage of the growing network of infrastructure dedicated for use by persons riding bicycles.

Over the last four years, the City of Memphis has constructed 100 miles of new infrastructure designated for use by people riding bicycles. Most of these gains were achieved without special budgetary considerations or controversy through the re-organization of on-going city operations like repaving of roadways and the striping of roadways.

Memphis residents are responding to the increase in infrastructure by getting on their bicycles. In 2013, we estimated there were about 7,000 daily trips being made by bicycle. In its last year of operation, the Wolf River Greenway saw nearly 200,000 users on its trail on its own! The real result – the city is getting safer for those riding bicycles every time a new bike lane or trail is created. In 2013, there were 101 reported crashes involving a bicycle. Only 7% of the crashes that occurred took place where there was existing dedicated bicycle infrastructure while 71% of bicycle traffic is measured on those same routes.

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