Memphians to Learn from Livable Communities in Europe

As part of its participation in the Big Jump project from PeopleForBikes, Memphis was invited to send a delegation on a European study tour covering the topic of livable communities. The tour will concentrate on the ways in which towns and cities deliver safe environments for walking and bicycling, as well as how the residents of those communities incorporate these active modes of transportation into their daily lives.

All costs associated with participation in the study tour are being covered entirely through the gracious financial support of the Hyde Family Foundations and PeopleForBikes.

The Memphis delegation consists of:

  • Mairi Albertson, City of Memphis Housing and Community Development
  • Greg Dotson, Neel-Schaeffer, Inc.
  • Stephen Edwards, City of Memphis Engineering
  • Marlon Foster, Knowledge Quest
  • Rebecca Hutchinson, Soulsville Neighborhood Association
  • Eric Neimeyer, The Works, Inc.
  • Lyndsey Pender, The Works, Inc.
  • Nicholas Oyler, City of Memphis Engineering

As a condition for their acceptance of the eight available spots, each delegate has committed to undertaking a community project in South Memphis as part of the Big Jump. The projects will be executed within one year after the study tour. Delegates will announce the individual projects a few weeks after returning from the trip, and after being inspired by what they’ve experienced abroad.

Over the next several days, we’ll provide glimpses of the lessons learned in Germany and The Netherlands. Follow our journey on the BikePedMemphis Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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