Great Streets Getting Greater

We have a couple quick announcements on new additions to the Great Streets Pilot Project, as well as programming events along the street.

As of today, the free-standing mural wall is in place! Check it out:

The top photograph features the sponsorship thank-you side of the wall. Believe it or not, the artist painted the logos by hand and without stencils.  In the bottom picture you can see the mural side. Every two to three months, the UrbanArt Commission will hire a different artist to create a new mural. This way, the wall will continue to offer something new along the street during the pilot project. The current artwork is from Meredith Olinger, who specializes in custom wall papers. She created several Memphis-themed wall papers, layered them on the wall, and then tore away at them to reveal the various sheets. The wall itself is sponsored by the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

While the intent was to always have built-in benches with the wall, the depth of those benches presents the opportunity that they could double as a small stage for programming and events. We’re working on a couple ideas, but let us know if you have your own!

Speaking of programming, we’ve learned that the Flying Saucer plans to hold tricycle races for customers in the Great Streets cycle track this Friday evening, October 13th, starting at 7:00 Pm. Below is a photo from one of the Saucer’s previous races:

And in case you forgot, here’s the other confirmed programming for the fall: