STP 5 & 6 Public Survey and Meeting Results Released

After receiving over 1,700 responses to the STP 5 & 6 online public input survey, we’ve completed our review of the data and comments. Thank you to everyone who took the time to the share his or her opinion! The feedback provided will be instrumental in our decision on how to proceed with the proposed designs.

For a refresher on the STP 5 and 6 proposed designs, read this previous post.

Summary of Online Survey Results

Total Number of Respondents: 1,727

Total Number of Comments: 2,473

Below are the results by proposed design. For each design, the survey respondent was provided with a choice of “Supportive” or “Not Supportive.” At the end of the survey, respondents were asked to provide their address. This allowed us to isolate responses from individuals who identified themselves as a Memphis resident. Interestingly, doing so increased the “Supportive” responses to each design by a couple percentage points.

If you’d like to download the complete survey responses, click the following link. Please note that some of the identification data has been removed for the sake of individuals’ privacy.

Download the Complete Survey Responses

Summary of Public Meeting Comments

Total Number of Meeting Attendees: 195

Total Number of Comments Submitted: 217

On their comment cards, meeting attendees had the option to select “Supportive” or “Not Supportive” for each of the proposed designs, as well as space to write an open-ended comment.

Share of “Supportive” Comments: 89%

Share of “Not Supportive” Comments: 5%

Share of Ambiguous or Non-Related Comments: 6%

Next Steps

The City will now take these responses and other related information into consideration regarding the decision on how to proceed with each of the proposed designs. Final decisions are expected in the coming weeks. Thank you again to those of you who took the time to share your opinions!