Bike Valet Service Will Be Offered at Monday’s Meeting

If you were already considering riding your bike to Monday’s public meeting on 10 proposed street designs, this news may sway your decision.

Bike Walk Memphis has offered to provide complimentary bike valet parking during the meeting. They’ll be located on the Central Library’s front plaza. All you have to do is ride up, hand over your bike to a smiling volunteer, and come inside to offer your input.

Additionally, Bike Walk Memphis will also set up a video comment corner at the meeting, where attendees — should they so choose — record a brief clip of themselves commenting on the proposed designs.

Thanks to Bike Walk Memphis for offering this volunteer support!

And while I have you here, have you RSVP’ed to the meeting at its Facebook event yet?

If not, please do so now by following this link. Having a good gauge on the number of attendees will help us better prepare for the meeting.