City launches Event Bike Parking Program


Have you ever been in that situation where you arrive by bicycle to a large event or festival only to find a lack of proper bike parking? Or, you arrive at the event’s main entrance by other means and see a collection of bikes locked to a hodgepodge of utility poles, trees, and chain link fences? The City’s Bikeway and Pedestrian Program now offers another way.

Partnering with Bike Walk Memphis, this week the City launched its Event Bike Parking Program. Event organizers will now be able to take advantage of up to 10 special event bike racks owned by the City for their event. The racks are light-weight and can be assembled or disassembled in less than minute. Each rack can hold at least 7 bicycles.

Bike Walk Memphis, a relatively new, local non-profit supporting a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly community, will operate the program on behalf of the City. BWMem will handle all of the pre- and post-event logistics associated with the racks. What’s more, BWMem will even provide by request a bike valet team to staff the parking station throughout an event’s duration.

Through offering this program the City hopes to encourage more people to arrive at special events and festivals by bike. Rather than circling the block or slowly cruising the aisles of a parking lot in their car, event attendees could ride straight up to an event’s main entrance on their bike, hand it over to a smiling BWMem volunteer, and continue merrily on their way into the event.

Event organizers are already taking the City up on its offer. Last weekend, Memphis Made Brewing used the racks to provide bike parking at its MALTED festival. The City’s racks were first tested, though, at MEMFix: Film Row in September. Photographs from both events are below.

For more information and to request the racks for your event, click on the new “Parking For Your Event” icon at the top right of the page.



The City’s new special event bike racks were first used at MEMFix: Film Row.


A couple of the new special event racks are seen here being put to use outside of Memphis Made Brewing.