2016 State of Bicycling Report

SOB16_CoverToday, the City of Memphis releases its 2016 State of Bicycling report detailing what accomplishments have been made to accommodate the safety, comfort, frequency, and efficiency for those choosing to ride bicycles throughout the city. The report also highlights some of the upcoming projects and programs that will continue momentum for bicycling through 2018.

The city now has more than 200 miles of bicycle facilities in use today. 64% of those miles are dedicated bicycle lanes, protected bicycle lanes, shared-use paths, or off-street trails that don’t require sharing the same roadway space as automobiles. New projects are underway, in various stages of development, and are estimated to bring the total number of facilities to more than 350 miles by the end of 2017.

Bicycle use is occurring more frequently where separated bike lanes and trails exists. Estimates indicate that more than two-thirds of all bicycling activity is occurring on the bicycle lanes and trails rather than on shared streets. And those streets with dedicated bicycle lanes are proving to be safer for those riding bicycles. From 2010-2013, of the total 353 crashes involving bicycles, only 7% occurred where a dedicated bicycle lane or shared-use path had been constructed.

Following on the heels of being named “Most Improved City for Cycling” by Bicycling magazine in 2012, the League of American Bicyclists designated the City of Memphis as an official “Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Community” in 2015. In 2017, Memphis will host two major bicycling-oriented conferences, the 2017 TN Bike Summit and the 2017 Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Professional Development Seminar, which will showcase the work happening in neighborhoods across the city.

Download a copy of the report here.