Bike Month Ends…Explore Bike Share Begins!

explorebikeshareFollowing the success of more than 70 local bike-themed events during May for National Bike Month, we’re proud to announce the launch of EXPLORE BIKE SHARE, a strategic effort to discover the assets and challenges of launching a public bike share system in Memphis.

Bike share is a remarkable innovation of urban mobility and transit, providing citizens and tourists alike with a fun, healthful, affordable, and dynamic transportation option. A typical citywide bike share system consists of on-demand bicycles available for rental from a network of stations. Users can pay per ride or may hold “all-you-can-ride” memberships of varying lengths. These can be purchased online, on-site via credit card or at partner locations that process cash payments. The bicycles themselves are designed to be safe for riders of various abilities, adaptable to a range of street conditions, and easy to service.

Strategically integrating bike share into our larger transit system and regional “green print” of bike lanes and trails ensures that it will be an efficient, safe, and useful option for residents and visitors alike, producing wide-reaching benefits to our economy, public health, environment, and culture. Representatives from Memphis’ livability, bicycle/pedestrian, community and economic development, and tourism sectors have formed a committee chaired by Doug Carpenter (Doug Carpenter & Associates) to lead this public discussion about exactly what bike share would look like in Memphis, and determine within 2015:

  • How bike share’s numerous benefits can impact as many Memphians in as many neighborhoods as equitably as possible
  • How Memphians would utilize bike share
  • In which areas of Memphis bike share stations will do the most good and produce the most sustainable return on investment
  • The cost of installing and maintaining a system
  • Possible revenue sources for both installation and ongoing maintenance, including sponsorships, memberships, and private grants
Check out this video of bike share in Philadelphia:
How To Get Invovled:
  1. A series of public community input sessions are being held that will provide opportunities to share ideas and suggestions about bike share.
  2. In addition to participating in any of the planned input sessions, you can also take a short online survey and share your thoughts:
  3. Join the conversation on Facebook.
  4. Check out the article from today’s Commercial Appeal.
  5. For additional information, contact Doug Carpenter or Cara Greenstein at (901) 372-5100 or