Memphis’ First Bike Corral

IMG_2153Thanks to a collaborative effort between Saris Cycling Group and the City of Memphis Engineering Division, the city will has installed its first on-street bike corral at First Congregational Church, 1000 South Cooper Street. First Congregational Church is home to a number of community groups and activities like Revolutions Bike Co-Op, Voices of the South, Pilgrim House Hostel & Retreat Center, Global Goods Fair Trade Store, Cooper-Young Farmers Market, and many more. Additionally, the church is located within easy walking distance to Stone Soup Cafe and the intersection of Cooper and Young, home to many of Memphis’ best restaurants and storefronts.

A bike corral converts the space of one on-street parking stall to parking for 10 bikes. In this instance, automobile parking was already prohibited so the inclusion of the bike corral creates an opportunity to put unused space on our roadways to work. It’s a great use of space and a low-cost option for more customer parking. It frees up sidewalk space for pedestrian foot traffic and communicates a commitment to bike friendliness. Additional bike parking helps to support many initiatives the city has undertaken in recent years, such as the addition of more than 70 miles of bike lanes and trails, to increase the use of bicycles for transportation throughout the city.

Whenever you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to use the new bike corral, and stay tuned as the city looks for ways to increase the availability of bike corrals in other business districts.