Get There Together


A New Conversation About Transportation

Today, we’re glad to announce the public launch of our new messaging and branding campaign – GET THERE TOGETHER.

Every day, we make choices about how we are going to move around the city. If someone were to ask us what kind of transportation we choose on any given day, we would probably say:

“I’m a cyclist.”      “I take the bus.”      “I drive a car.”      “I walk.”

However, even if we don’t realize it, we mix transportation choices on a daily basis – we might walk from our car once we arrive at work, or ride a bicycle to the bus before hopping on board to go across town.

Since 2010, the City has been balancing its investments to make sure it is as safe and efficient to get around without a car as it is with one. As many of us are changing the way we choose to get around Memphis – the way we approach safety and education is changing too. Instead of focusing on how to keep one group of travelers safe from another, it is time to focus on how we all can “Get There Together.

Often times the way we approach safety tends to reflect how the choice one person makes might place them at odds with the choices of others:

Cyclists have to watch out for drivers.”

Drivers, keep a lookout for pedestrians into the roadway.”

By separating the needs and safety of one set of travelers from another, we create an “us versus them” mentality, often pitting neighbor against neighbor. This mindset can weaken community or political support for projects that increase safety and transportation choices for our city. This mindset is largely what leads us to “choose” an automobile for the sake of safety and efficiency.

This new way of thinking embraces the mutual obligation we each have to each other to make sure we’re attentive, conscientious, and respectful to one another, regardless of how we have chosen to get around.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding to our catalog of instructive information and tools to help you make each trip safer and more enjoyable, regardless of how you do it. We’ll be reorienting all of our educational materials to better reflect this new way of thinking about transportation safety, and we’ll be promoting new opportunities for you to leave your car at home and try one of the other numerous ways to get around Memphis.

We’ll be housing this information on a separate website – – which is accessible from this website by clicking the icon on the right or through the tabs at the top. If you haven’t done so yet, please sign up for our new mailing list to stay up to date with all the new materials and happenings towards making transportation better in Memphis.