Pedestrian Safety Rodeo Big Hit at Frayser Achievement Elementary School

On Saturday October 27th we held a Halloween-themed pedestrian safety rodeo at Frayser Achievement Elementary School as part of their Saturday School Program.  During the event we worked with approximately 250 children on proper use of cross-walks, reading of traffic signs and signals, identification of safety hazards, clothing choice for walking at night, and recitation of the “safe walking pledge”.  Kids were given glow sticks and/or finger lights to be used while Trick-or-Treating during the Halloween holiday. Volunteers from the University of Memphis and Frayser High School assisted with program implementation. 

Students were divided into small groups and were asked to demonstrate who was wearing appropriate clothing for walking at night versus clothing that would be appropriate during the day. The students discussed the clothing options amongst themselves and posed for a picture in front of a daytime and nighttime scene to reflect their choices.

In 2008, Frayser Elementary was awarded $250,000 by the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program to package a comprehensive plan addressing safety concerns in the area immediately surrounding the campus.  The majority of the funds are being used to construct a new median on Dellwood Avenue that will help control traffic speeds as well as prevent dangerous turning movements by cars. New crosswalks and signs will also be installed as a part of the project. The other components of the grant include data gathering and analysis, a series of educational events, and a public art installment.

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