Bicycle Safety in the Streets!

Last Saturday, while most Memphis families were looking for something cool to do with their kids, a great event happened – The City of Memphis hosted a bicycle safety lecture for kids at the Poplar-White Station library. We had a great turnout, and the group was fun and interactive.

Our summer intern, Annie, created and presented the bike safety clasee last Saturday at the Poplar-White Station Library.

We have done Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Lectures in the past but this was a brand new presentation completely geared towards kids created by our summer intern, Annie from Rhodes College.

We started off the presentation by going over the basics of bike safety: what to wear (including a helmet and lights), hand signals, what side of the rode to bike on, and more! We then divided them into two groups for a fun and competitive quiz. Everyone got prizes for participating. We also had them sign a “Safe Bicycling Pledge” that went something like this…..



“I pledge to wear a helmet when I ride my bike.
I will ride on the right and use a light at night.
I will look left, right, then left again before I cross the street.
I will use my brakes to stop myself, instead of dragging my feet.
I will watch out for others when riding in the street,
and keep my bike working, in good condition and neat. “

Participants were divided into groups to test their knowledge of the class materials. Everyone received some cool prizes for participating.

Everyone got their own copy of the pledge as well as fun safety brochures with activities they could do at home. They all seemed to enjoy the new format, and we are already working on even more additions to make it even better.

These bicycle safety seminars are of value to the Memphis community because of the increasing opportunities to bike in and around Memphis. Don’t forget to come to our next lecture, August 11th, at 10:30 a.m. at the Cordova Library!

Keep on rollin’!

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