Facility Maps Updated!

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished updating our maps indicating the presence of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Memphis. These maps, both the online interactive feature as well as the printable PDF’s, have been revised to reflect new facilities built since Jan. 1 as well as the further documentation of pre-existing facilities such as walking paths and bicycle racks.

    Total: 149 Miles Bike/Ped Facilities
37 miles of Bike Lanes
69 miles of Shared Lanes
13 miles of Shared Use Paths
30 miles of Walking Paths

Since January, Memphis has increased its total amount of bicycle facilities by 10%, totaling 119 miles. Some of the key new routes are listed below. Be sure to plot some new routes so you can explore these brand new facilities (and smooth asphalt).

     Ball Rd: Norris to Ketchum – Bike Lane
     Baskin St: Whitney to Alta Vista – Bike Lane
     Delano Ave: Alta Vista to Overton Crossing – Signed Shared Roadway
     James Rd: Overton Crossing to McLean – Bike Lane
     James Rd: McLean to Hollywood – Signed Shared Roadway
     McLean Blvd: N. Parkway to Lamar – Bike Lane
     Peabody Ave: East to Waldran – Bike Lane
     Pleasant Hill Rd: Shelby to Holmes – Bike Lane
     Wolf River Greenway: Shady Grove to Germantown City Limit – Shared Use Path

We’ve also added some new features to the online interactive map:

     Walking Paths: The map now indicates the location of 30 miles of walking paths currently present in City of Memphis parks (shown in yellow). We’re continuing to map existing facilities in our spare time (what little exists) and plan to tackle pedestrian overpasses/underpasses in the next half of this year.

     Bike Racks: We’ve uploaded our first cut at mapping all the bike racks in the city. This feature allows users to locate bicycle parking near their destination. Click on the dots and you’ll get pertinent information about the bike parking including the address, type of rack, and a photo for reference.


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