National Bike To Work Day! May 18, 2012

There is still time to register and get yourself ready to participate in National Bike to Work Day this Friday, May 18, 2012. The premise is simple – instead of driving your car to work this Friday, ride your bike. I promise, all the things my friend Marvin Stockwell boasted in his guest column this past weekend in the Commercial Appeal are true!

Registration is free and includes a goody bag full of exciting schwag. Visit the Bike to Work Day website here to fill out your registration.

If you are worried about riding by yourself, consider taking part in one of the organized rides on Bike To Work Day. There are rides scheduled to head downtown from East Memphis, Bartlett, VECA, Cooper-Young and other rides heading east from downtown. Choose a meetup location and time convenient to you and ride to work with other bicycling enthusiasts.

If you’re feeling adventuresome, you can visit some of the suggested routes and maps on the Bike to Work Day website or on this blog to map out your own route.

Worried about how far you live from your office? Yeah, a lot of people are. Consider mixing your commute between bicycle and bus on Bike to Work Day. MATA rides are free for bicyclists this Friday – your bike is your ticket. Check out the video about loading your bike on the rack here and MATA’s routing system here. It’s a great way to bike to and from work, but save some time, stress, and laundry.

Finally, check out some basic commuting tips I’ve assembled here to help answer some of those lingering questions.


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