Welcome to Bike/Ped Memphis!

People have been asking me for more than a year now, “Is there a website where I can get this information?…..Where can I download maps?…..Is this information on the city’s website?”

Well, here it is – www.bikepedmemphis.com is dedicated to providing Memphians with up to date information on all the programs, projects, and accomplishments related to bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation.



  • Under Plans and Publications you can download technical reports and plans pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian issues.
  • The Maps page contains both online interactive maps as well as printable PDF’s.
  • Our page dedicated to Public Meetings will list public events pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian projects or educational opportunities for residents.
  • The Safety and Education page will contain resources developed by the city to assist in the ongoing education and outreach activities designed to improve safety and heighten awareness of bicycle and pedestrian needs.
  • Commuting Tips provides some on-the-ground advice for making short trips by bicycle instead of an automobile.
  • The Resources page contains links to a whole host of groups working to make bicycling and walking more convenient for Memphians.
  • The Contact Us page contains information on how best to reach me with your comments, suggestions, concerns, and complaints.

Stay abreast of all updates to the website and new blog posts by liking us on Facebook.

Make sure to visit often and stay up to date. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any comments on how we can make the content better for you.

Keep riding…



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